Types of Coffee Roasts

Types of Roasts

There are several types of roasts that you should be aware of when determining what type of coffee you should select. Once we have determined the perfect origin and grade of coffee bean, we study and test to determine the type of roasting that best complements the bean and will hopefully appeal to your taste.

Light Roasts – These roasts are light brown in color, no oil on the surface and they have a fruity taste. This roast has the most caffeine and the highest acidity.

Medium Roasts - These roasts are medium brown in color and they are slightly sweeter than the light roasts. They have a balanced flavor and acidity.

Medium-Dark Roasts - These roasts are rich and they have a darker color with oil on the surface. The flavor is bittersweet in the aftertaste. Acidity disappears in this roast.

Dark Roasts - These roasts are shiny black in color and have an oily surface and display significant bitterness. There is no acidity and the roasting process flavor comes out in the flavor. Caffeine is usually lowest in this roast.

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